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Feng Shui offers moments of perfection by balancing different energies and bringing flow and ease to your life.

This is because Feng Shui is a fusion, a fusion of what is happening:

  • in the environment around you,
  • how comfortable you are in your home or office,
  • and what emotional responses are being triggered in you.

Three dynamics, three different dimensions, all vibrationally connected. And you unconsciously are continually responding and energetically reacting to the tune of all three.

How do you start to unravel all this? Move into nature, walk outside and take 3 deep breaths and listen to your senses to feel what greets you.

Feng Shui is all about working with the positive and not so positive attributes in your external environment and in your home. The environment around you may be providing the joy and calm that you seek, or it could be the other way around. Your home living spaces are nurturing and grounding, but normally it is a mixture of the two. Feng Shui offers ways of working to integrate and understand different attributes within your environment, your home and within yourself.

This comes about by interacting with the Five Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Fire. It’s a balancing act. Which Elements are unbalanced or compensating, and which are nurturing? The fusion of all 5 elements working together is a symphony, energising and music for the soul.

Earth element

Grounds and strengths our connection to the Earth, it also holistically accesses our Chakra System and centres our body.

Wood element

Represents new beginnings, correctly used supports personal growth and direction.

Fire element

This strong Yang energy activates movement, aliveness and revitalisation.

Metal element

In the form of Copper, Silver, Gold and Bronze adds form and structure.

Water element

Gives life to an environment. Its flowing properties add calmness and tranquillity. Read more on how the flow of the water element helps create harmonious, supportive home spaces.