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When you think of energy, you think of movement. And most certainly about vitality and wellness. Often, the bigger picture of how this energy merges into every aspect of our lives doesn’t occur to us. We are so entwined with busyness to look and be conscious of the great world we live in.

From a Feng Shui point of view referencing energy always starts with the environment. Air circulates from the mountains to the hills, flows across land, through our homes and connects out to the oceans. Circulating, swirling and ultimately settling in the stillness of a beautiful sunset.

How do you harness this flow? And how do you recognise when your home is alive with the so-called available Chi? The Ancients have always recognised energised locations and still, today place importance on respectfully honouring where you: enter a home, eat, sleep and gather. New Zealanders love their homes. And our so-called indoor/outdoor flow scenario makes embracing energy flow easy.

Look at directions, planetary frequencies and available environmental resources.

The Bagua Energy Map plots directions. Each direction has a vibration and transmits a frequency, as do all the 8 compass directions.

To explain further, it’s like a bicycle wheel turning. Each frequency is connected to a whole and its central pivot point is the centre of the home. If all directions are flowing and in sync, this is a healthy vibrant home functioning efficiently and you feel it. You know when you walk into a home that is aerated and energised.

As a Landscape Designer, I am always looking for spaciousness and environmental connections. For example, I look at:

  • what direction a house faces,
  • where the front door connects to the road,
  • what is behind a property eg mountains or hills
  • and a water source.

If these aspects are missing, you design to appropriately place this element within your landscape.

How about checking out your power resources? Recognise that Energy is always moving. That Energy is seasonal, variable and adaptable and you can harness these properties.

So, lean into the WIND with outstretched arms and BREATH this freely available CHI into your part of the world.

Want to understand more about the effects of environmental connections in your home? Book a consultation with Equate Aligned Environments and bring more vibrancy to your living spaces.


Image credits: photo by Anna Jiménez Calaf and Rosemary Nelson, Equate Feng Shui.

wind turbines on a beautiful blue sky day