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To bring in fresh thinking, pivotal movement is required.

It doesn’t matter which mode of transport you use, just be active and step out and peddle forward. Now that’s not hard!

Become clear on your goals and update your wish list. This will motivate you to process limiting energetic blocks. Think about what these changes will look and feel like when you act on them.


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is that feeling reflected in your living spaces? Are there piles of things everywhere and the house feels like a mess?

Are you feeling unsettled and your home doesn’t really feel like home?

When you recognise the same imbalances you feel physically can also be traced back to your home then an alignment process can begin. Your home is a mirror of what is internally happening in your life. It plays out as a direct reflection of how you are approaching personal issues.

Get clarity around this and you will take giant steps forward.

Feng Shui principles and alignments are key, they provide you with tools to make quantified corrections. They give you the peddle power to reach your destination.

Let’s align your living spaces to support you to live with intent. A Feng Shui consultation with Equate revitalises how you embrace and see your living and work spaces.