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Beuatifulwhite lotus on a green backgroundCathryn Doornekamp, resident yoga teacher at the Lotus Yoga Centre has been ‘bitten’ by the Clutter Clearing bug. Recently she attended a Feng Shui Workshop that I held at the Centre. Instantly, she sprung into action.

The guidelines around clutter clearing are: “Love it?”, “Use it?”, “Need it?”, “Is it time to let go?” by recycling, gifting or binning.

Clutter clearing is contagious. Once you are on a roll of moving on things that no longer have a use in your space, you just can’t stop yourself. The reason is you instantly feel lighter and re-energised. Action has been taken! Often you have been contemplating this for years. But the motivation hadn’t presented itself or the right support people haven’t shown up.

The Yoga Centre is a grand old villa with presence and stature. An interior revamp had been discussed prior to the Feng Shui Workshop but at this stage it was still in the planning stages.

In my workshops, I personalise how to activate the flow of energy in your living and working spaces in order for you to begin to understand how this is relevant for how you live. It is a crucial light bulb moment that I zero into by working with a particular personal element and translating that into a zone of the house. This to me is the process of unfolding. Suddenly the synergy of Feng Shui is revealed – the AH-HA moment I call it.

Water is Cathryn’s element (flow). This translates to the front entry (the mouth of the chi) where all life force enters into a dwelling. The villa’s entry hallway was filled with past memories and lots of unused furniture that closed in this long hallway, making it look narrow and cluttered. After numerous trips to the recycling centre, the spinal core of this grand villa was opened to the light of the world. Jill Newman, an active member of the Yoga Centre, was the partner in co-creation for the transformation. This is what I always find: you make the call for change and the support will be there for this to be activated. It is as if the potential of the space says ‘bring it on’. The week after the clutter was removed members were spotted practising yoga in the hallway. The life force of the space had come alive.

Once embarked on, the Clutter Clearing bug just keeps growing and seeks new spaces to energise. The Yoga and Meditation Room is now in the redecorating stage, carried out by many willing volunteers.


By opening up this room, an amazing transformation has occurred. It now exudes ’space’ and moments on the yoga mat are more joyful and playful. The presence of the beautiful surrounding trees have become an extension to the room. Trees are healing; they send out positive energy and what better way to feel this than by practising on your yoga mat. The Yoga Room is in the Helpful People Zone of the Bagua. This is surely visible here at the Lotus Yoga Centre.

Cathryn’s comments:
The Feng Shui magic continues to flow. Thank you Rosemary for making Feng Shui so easy. You truly are an inspiration. The principals I’ve applied from participating in the recent workshop have been life changing. I feel so much lighter and have so much more energy! I continue to ask daily “What else is possible?”

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