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You’ve got a big list of wants. And you want to see instant results.

But if you don’t achieve a WOW instantly, you write off the process as it doesn’t work.

Let’s get your expectations a little more grounded… Instant results are only ever advertised to get you to buy something. That’s not how Feng Shui works. It certainly isn’t how I work.

Essential activations that ignite Feng Shui magic are subtle. Delicate combinations need to be thought out to achieve an energetic shift. There are lots of elements at play.

This is not to say that Feng Shui changes aren’t spectacular – they can be. And very fast. But here are a few things to keep in mind as you approach this work.

Change your perspective

Perhaps it is you that is blocking change. Or the shift has been for a higher purpose – what we needed, instead of what we asked for! This can surprise you and you don’t recognise the freshness of this shift.

magnolia and metal gatesChange the approach

Another way to approach Feng Shui alignments is to brainstorm what you feel needs to shift. Ask yourself: what is not working in my life? how are my relationships? is my health and wealth on track? Having an idea of what is current is the first step to seeing where the cracks are. What do you sense is not supportive and just how is this affecting your energy field?

Recognise that things are different

Covid 19 has upset the natural rhythms of our lives, Earth energy is rather flat right now and oversaturated with a layer of distortion. Remedies that in the past worked now must be revisited. For us humans, this pandemic has changed everything. We suddenly need each other more, and materialism is more compassionate to collective ways forward. This is the same for the planet.

Making the right decisions is key

We need to commit to really understanding what it is we want right now.

This decision is not based on what has not worked in the past. We carry over so much of former judgements and this colours our thinking.

Knowing ourselves more deeply

For Feng Shui alignments to work we need to know ourselves deeper. And we can acknowledge the Feng Shui elements that are a key component of what makes up YOU.

Metaphysics is based on Astrological timing. When you were born you arrived with a dominant element. For instance Yang Water, Yin Water, or Yang or Yin Earth, Metal or Fire. When you know this, then you recognise the right action for you. Using your primary element properties really clarifies your thinking. With this knowledge, you can then use Feng Shui using the correct alignments in your home environment.

This is how clutter cleaning works, discarding the old for more supportive fresh spaces. Marie Kondo’s wardrobe magic also works this way. Notice the difference of having at your disposal the right outfit, neatly hanging for you to step into. Boy, then you see how Feng Shui works and this in terms generates fresh opportunities. Things just turn up. Bring it on!!

Knowing others on a different level

Knowing you, knowing your environment is so powerful and this is needed more than ever. We need to uncover our individual uniqueness. Same applies for all your family members. If you know how each other tick, you’ll know what support is needed for them in this current age.

So where to from here?

A lot of knowledge and experience goes into my Feng Shui consultations. If you need help to move forward, demystify and clarify what is happening in your home I offer Alignment and Energy Design consultations. These are perfect for individuals and families who want to align their living environment with their goals. Get in touch today.