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Environments that are in harmony–that bring clarity, peace and happiness–are within reach when you appreciate these Feng Shui principles:

  1. Everything has an energy exchange,
  2. You can mindfully orchestrate this energy exchange.

Loving the preciousness of a chosen environment

Exchange is the energetic giving and receiving is what Feng Shui offers. Everything gives off and receives energy. Flow. There is a constant transaction of energy flow between objects and people.

Everything in your home has been chosen by you or another family member. There is memory attached to each object. For example, a present or something you fell in love with. Or it could take you back to a negative situation and to have that around you is depleting. The same goes with nature you may hate where you live or the garden is a jungle – this again is an energetic distraction.

Moments sitting with the warmth of loved objects is pure synergy – pure Feng Shui – purely being in the moment. The more you are aware of what is around you the more mindful you are about placement.

Embracing Feng Shui supports choices you make when decorating your living spaces. This is not about materialism, it is about vibrational resonance – the exchange.

Purpose, order and simplicity drive your selection with this in mind. Colour may feature for a sense of vitality; add texture for cosiness; or maybe use opposing elements such as Wood and Metal for a Contemporary fusion. Similarly, Water or the property of water – blues, blacks and wavy shapes can be injected to instil calm and peacefulness.

All of these elements help you to tell a story. Your story.

Look to Nature. It is grounding and is the link to mindful comfortable interior spaces. You can bring alignment into your life by imitating, listening, touching the fabric of this larger-than-life authentic influence. It resonates a casualness that not only harmonises your living environment but is the driver for so much of who you are as a person. It presents you on ‘a plate’. This nakedness highlights that adding an intentional discipline for placement, also strengthens how you view Life and as importantly how others view you.

The Feng Shui promise is a mindful solution to loving what is around you.

The connections resonate a warm glow, a grounding cord. This Exchange – Somewhere in your world you are in control.

What I hope you take away from this is to be mindful about what you choose in the home and how we respond to this.