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A home that is filled with energy and vitality sings.

If it is spatially beautiful then this openness will bring more abundance and wealth into your life.

Why? Because Money is energy. And demonstrating what abundance means to you when crafting the spaces in your home will create space for the energy and openness to flow.

Money is just the step between what you need and getting what you want. By visualising, you are bringing in what you are seeking.

Bringing wellness into the home

A huge part of wellness is demonstrating wellness to your home.

Fill your home with fresh fruit and locally-sourced produce. Have high energy foods in your pantry. Grow herbs. Buy yourself fresh flowers. The better you treat yourself the more you are bringing wealth into your life.

Find what drains your energy and remove it.  Anything that is broken and needs attention such as a dripping tap or furniture with negative past associations needs to be cleared.  Spaces in a home that are lacking positivity may need a Feng Shui clutter clearing session.  Any no go zones remind you continually of what you don’t have and don’t want. These constant reminders take vitality out of a life.

The more your home shows it’s best self every day, the more you’ll be showing your best self to the world.

This is the most attractive, optimistic and fruitful energy there is…. when you can show up and really focus and love where you live, who you are and what you are doing—You become Abundance!