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Garden planning: Connection

By March 12, 2015April 3rd, 2019No Comments

equate light tree rnThe surface of the earth has a Chakra system, as we talked about in the last article. I want to take that a bit further today. The upper chakras: Crown chakra and the 3rd Eye Chakra are more attuned to a spiritual connection to Source.

How is this relevant to garden planning?

A garden is all about connection and recognising that you are being drawn to nature in search of inner peace.

Sometimes, when seeking answers or perhaps processing creative ideas, turning inward is an intuitive response to follow. Searching for the Human gives us an opportunity to connect to the Crown chakra.

A great way to make this connection is to find a tree, a tree that you have an attraction to so you can tune into its free flowering regenerating energy. Stand before the tree and connect deep down in the earth to the tree’s roots and absorb all the nutrients the earth has to offer. Let this energy move up through you and out through your crown chakra, releasing this vibration to the cosmos. Pull in the white energy from above down one chakra at a time and release into the earth. Continue this cyclical process. This process is all about giving and receiving –being open to lightness—seeking answers outside of you —finding inner peace.


stone labyrinthThe 3rd Eye is about journeying, walking YOUR path, talking YOUR talk. Often we are overloaded, too analytical about what to do and where to go from here. Other people’s needs and options cloud our judgement. When planning your garden create an area where you feel grounded: a quiet place perhaps by constructing a circular path or making a purposeful spot where you feel nurtured. Add large groups of seasonal plantings of Magenta, Indigo, and purple, flowering plants, such as blue Irises, Purple Pansies, Bougainvillea, and medicinal herbs of Sage and Thyme to these areas. (Purple: colour vibration for the third eye).

The 3rd eye chakra is the seat of personal power. Having clarity of purpose is the way to stay healthy and happy. LIVING your life’s PURPOSE, decide in your grounding spot -What does life have to offer ME? -What do you need to leave behind? and Confidently WHAT DO you know brings you Joy.