Thank you for your breakthrough work in our office. Yes the energy is certainly shifting. It’s oddly disorienting the small changes we’ve made so far seem to have coincided with big shifts in the way we interact in the office – for the better – and we’ve only just started making the changes you’ve suggested.
Key points:
– really works: very clever minimal changes that don’t cost for new furniture or major fit-out, yet already seem to have triggered major changes for the better;
– you’re great to deal with (all the staff say so too);
– beautiful drawing in itself made everyone more interested and excited about our workspace.
All in all, you’ve provided us, and me, with an amazingly good value service, for which I’m truly grateful.

Sarah McMurray
GTB IT support for Professionals – Projects, Helpdesk, Maintenance
Paraparaumu, New Zealand.

Rosemary started her journey with me when she completed her Space Clearing Certification and subsequently an online course with me about delving into the labyrinth, dowsing and energy lines connecting these concepts to sacred place and our bodies.  Rosemary’s extensive landscaping background together with her new knowledge of landforms and energy offers a unique understanding for her future clients.  The services that she can provide at “Equate” are grounded and balanced alongside natures rhythms and cycles and they promise to be second to none.

Karen Quant
Master Teacher Interior Alignment®, Intuitive Coach and Labyrinth Enthusiast
Bucca Wauka, NSW, Australia.

I first met Rosemary Nelson on a walking tour along the Camino de Santiago trail-she as a tour participant, and myself as a guide. Right from the start a very special friendship developed. With a mutual love of all things spiritual, the indigenous ancient wisdom and the world of business, we knew immediately, that we were kindred spirits. Rosemary has been such an inspiration to me with her pioneering ways, savvy business skills and incredible ability to turn a blank canvas or tired space into something quite remarkable. My last property was Feng shui – Landscaped designed by Rosemary and it sold within one day of going on the market!

She is creative, practical and professional, but more importantly she has a love of the land and is able to intuit how best to create a magical space for both the land and its owner. Some would call her a modern day shaman.

Sharon Breslin
Lifestyle Journeys
Melbourne, Australia.